A to Z Diet Motivation

A can do attitude can help you anticipate slip-ups

Breakfast is the most important meals of the day

Calories do count, better get use to reading food labels

Diets don’t work, instead choose a nutritionally balance plan

Eat regularly, don’t go 4-5 hours without food

Fibers are natures weight loss aid

Gums can satisfy sweet tooth & reduce cravings

Heart all healthy foods

Invest in a pedometer to count your 10,000 steps a day

Just do it! Any exercise is better than none

Keep healthy snack in the house

Low blood sugar often cause sweet cravings between meals

Mindful eating, take time to savor every bite

Night time snacking can undermine your success. Brush your teeth at certain time

One more please – controlling portion is fundamental

Protein is the secret to feeling full

Quit old habits that caused you gained that extra weight

Rely on others for motivational support

Supplement your day with multivitamin

Track everything down

Use olive oil for cooking substitutes

Volumetric is the art of eating food high in volume

Water is your body favorite fluid

eXcuses should be stop, list all the reasons why you should instead

Yogurt is an excellent choice for snack

Zip in your step


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